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Kondo GE-1 and CFz Combo (Sold)
The GE-1 gives the best out of analog playback with high definition and rich musical characters.

The newly developed phono amplifier circuitry is fueled by a gigantic power supply section. This special design draws the charms out of all recordings no matter matching with vacuum tube or solid state amplifier.
With intimate and crystal clear sound, GE-1 will definitely fill your audio enjoyment with ultimate pleasures.

In combination with phono amplifier GE-1 etc, CFz is one of the best MC step-up transformers to recover the rich musicality and highest sounding quality from analog disc.
Based on the silver wire application know-how compiled over many years in transformer winding, CFz is designed to reach full performance of a step-up transformer by using copper wire and a new and original winding technique.

In addition, a strong core, which is with the same design and material as SFz, is used to further improve the sound quality. Result is open and natural sound with stunning freshness, giving delicate expression with wide dynamic range.

In mint condition and looks like new! With original box and documentation.

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Kondo GE-1 and CFz combo