These are the brands we represent in Singapore. We have a range of high end audiophile grade audio equipment to suit your budgets. Please contact us to know more about the products of these brands. This website is managed by Silbatone S.E.A.

Silbatone Acoustics
Silbatone Acoustics Authorised Distributor
Silbatone Acoustics is the Home of NeoHyb Technology, presenting New Audio Classics for the 21st Century Lifestyle. Silbatone aims to develop world's finest audio gear and approach design in a much more balanced way.

PS Audio
PS Audio Authorised Dealer
PS Audio designs and hand-crafts cutting-edge high end audio products in Boulder Colorado, USA. Their products have been enjoyed around the world for over 40 years.

Audio Solutions
Audio Solutions Authorised Distributor
Laws of physics with design combined with manufacturing stability and customers' needs are used to make perfect speakers after years of hard work and research. Every smallest part is hand crafted and inspected for any flaws.

Audience Authorised Distributor
Audience is a highly respected US electronics company whose objective is to build the finest possible high performance audio components. It is a leader and trend setter in its unique approach to product design, execution and craftsmanship.

Bryston Authorised Dealer
Bryston Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the consumer and professional audio marketplaces for over 35 years.

Reed Authorised Distributor
Acoustic engineering knowledge and experience in high-end audio field lead to the establishment of Reed. The designer and company owner, Vidmantas Triukas, has been working in hi-fi audio equipment field for many years.
Charisma Audio Authorised Dealer
Charisma Audio has more 45 years of experience in audio, their product range is priced reasonably but delivers stunning performance. Using premium materials, the products not only look elegant but also show striking performance.
Bergmann Audio Authorised Dealer
Bergmann Audio was established in 2008, by Johnnie Bergmann. With his mechanical engineering education, he began to develop the air bearing turntables and tonearms, one of his goals were to eliminate the drawbacks of existing air bearing technologies.

Kronos Audio
Kronos Audio Authorised Dealer
Kronos Audio builds the world's only counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntables.

Gershman Acoustics
Gershman Acoustics Authorised Dealer
Gershman Acoustic is a high-end audio company that has deep connections with music and studios that record it.

Audio Philar
Audio Philar Authorised Distributor
The passion and desire to fulfill their own demands resulted in the creation of Audio Philar. A lot of attention is given to the looks of their products. One priority is the satisfaction of the customers and their products stand out with highest quality materials.
Tiglon (Japan) Authorised Dealer
Tiglon (Japan) is established in 2008 and has been manufacturing audio products like audio racks, cables and speaker stands.

My Sonic Lab
My Sonic Lab Authorised Distributor
Founded by master cartridge maker Mr. Yoshio Matsudaira in 2004, the goal was to pursue and develop the ultimate dream cartridges. Mr. Matsudaira has been a highly sought after designer of high performance cartridges, with a client list of respected brands.
GIP Laboratory Authorised Distributor
G.I.P. Laboratory was founded by Shinichi Suzuki, both a talented musician and designer/builder of audio equipment. It produces modern but accurate versions of drive units and speaker models manufactured by Western Electric in the past.
Nessie VinylCleaner Authorised Dealer
Manufactured in Germany. Nessie VinylCleaner is a vacuum-based record cleaning system that is fairly automatic in process. It uses a very viscous, odourless, fluid for the deep clean part and a soft full-width brush for spreading the fluid.
Flux Hifi Authorised Distributor
Flux Hifi worldwide unqiue products are manufactured in Germany. These accessories are truly made for the discerning vinyl fans.