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JL Audio E112 Subwoofer (high Gloss Black) (Sold)
Powered Subwoofer with 12-inch Subwoofer, 1500 watts

Applying a series of our key technologies, E-Sub powered subwoofers deliver exceptional sound quality, power and value in a wide range of demanding applications

E-Sub drivers employ our exclusive DMA technology to optimize the drivers' motor strength, ensuring linear behavior over a very long excursion range. Unlike typical steady-state modeling systems, DMA takes into account the dynamic shifts created by current flow and back EMF under real power conditions, with real program material. The payoff offered by DMA optimization is a driver that faithfully tracks its input signal, at all listening levels, leading to superior bass definition and dynamics.

In mint condition. Comes with front grill and owner's manual.

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JL Audio e112 subwoofer (high gloss black)