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Ayre CX-7 CD Player (Price Reduced)
No other CD player delivers music like the Ayre CX-7. Its sophisticated single-pass 16x digital filter allows the subtle sonic details in your favorite discs to shine through. An exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback analog circuit combines breath-taking transparency with beguiling musicality. The fundamental tones that provide music’s foundation are meticulously rendered by the CX-7's twin massive power transformers — one handles just the digital circuitry; the other the analogue.

“Highly involving, the Ayre CX-7 brings an unusual sense of rhythmic rightness to all music, with deep, defined bass, excellent dynamics, three-dimensionality, and tonal accuracy.”– 2004 Recommended Products Editors Choice, The Absolute Sound

Still in near mint condition and everything works perfectly. Comes with fully functioning remote control.

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 Retail Price: $4,150
Price (SGD): $1,750

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Ayre CX-7 CD player
Ayre CX-7 CD player
Ayre CX-7 CD player
Ayre CX-7 CD player
Ayre CX-7 CD player