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Finite Elemente Cerabase Compact (set of 4) (Sold)
Anywhere performance and installation conditions play as an equally important role, the compact dimensions of this model allow for a more flexible application by providing a nearly equivalent sonic performance.

•best performance combined with best flexibility

•optimum range of application: 20 – 150 kg of component weight

•recommended for audio components, loudspeakers and equipment supports


•Material: precision machined stainless steel, 3 high-tech ceramic balls

•Usable height: 43 – 52 mm

•Dimensions: Ø 35 mm (top section), Ø 50 mm (bottom section)

•Load capacity: 500 kg (set of 4), 375 kg (set of 3)

BRAND NEW in box. Only taken out for photos to be taken. 2 sets available

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Finite Elemente Cerabase Compact (set of 4)