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MIT Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev.2 10ft. Pair (Sold)
Unsurpassed control of articulation and imaging with Fractional Articulation Technology

Built to the same exacting HD specifications as the Oracle Matrix HD120, The Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev.2 uses the same cost-effective combination of materials in its enclosure, including a CNC machined T6 billet aluminum base which isolates and protects sympathetic vibrations from entering the internal networks to avoid any lose of image. Featuring F.A.T Technology with a base of 90 Poles in SD mode and 115 Poles in HD mode, similar its predecessor (Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev.1), the Rev.2 introduces 2C3D technology. The addition of 2C3D along with HD technology gives you an unmatched soundstage and the most natural of timbres and textures.

Still current model and in excellent condition. Comes with accessories and original box.

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MIT Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev.2 10ft. pair