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Boulder 1008 Phono Preamplifier (Sold)
Boulder’s 1008 phono preamplifier brings superb
playback performance for vinyl records of all kinds — including records made before 1955. Inspired by Boulder’s renowned 2008 phono preamplifier, the 1008 has two inputs for connecting multiple tonearms, customizable “personality cards” which can be tailored to specific phono cartridges, and selectable
equalization settings for vintage as well as modern RIAA records, all in a single chassis.

Inputs and outputs utilize high quality fully balanced connectors. Audio circuitry is dual mono for total isolation of left and right channels, and the gain stage is a proprietary discrete design that achieves incredibly low noise levels.

Listening to records with the Boulder 1008 reveals clarity and dynamics and spaciousness that are hard to express in words. It is the ultimate in what can be achieved with analogue recordings — but without any trace of artificiality or synthetic enhancements.

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Boulder 1008 Phono Preamplifier