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Tripoint Spartan Master Reference AC Conditioner (Sold)
World-class mega size 160 pounds AC conditioner, 29" wide! Made out of solid Bubinga rosewood with Steinway piano clear finish.

  • Statement AC conditioner with no compromises!
  • MASTER REFERENCE SILVER internal wiring with mechanical dampening technology
  • Differential and common noise reduction with our patent magnetic modules
  • Corrects AC waveforms and maximizes electron flow
  • Two fixed power cords for complete ANALOG/HIGH CURRENT- DIGITAL/SOURCES ISOLATION
  • Can handle over 100 amps of current so it can handle any amp you desire. (Only the wall and your breaker are the only barriers)
  • Six individual isolated filtered outlets, up to twelve components hook up. THREE FOR ANALOG/HIGH CURRENT- THREE FOR DIGITAL/SOURCES
  • Harmonic tuning for each individual outlet, mechanical isolation to eliminate unwanted resonances that degrade signal.

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Tripoint Spartan Master Reference AC conditioner