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DCS Delius/Purcell Combo (Sold)
The Delius is a 24/192 D/A converter with clean, clutter-free, slope-free styling to match the Purcell Digital Upsampler.

A fully-loaded, obsolescence-defying converter, Delius is also a proper digital pre-amplifier by virtual of six inputs and digital volume and balance controls; keep this in mind when judging its price, because it is two components in one. Volume and balance can be accessed through a front panel rotary control, or via remote.

The Purcell increases the sample rate and/or word length of the output from linear PCM digital audio sources like CD or DVD up to a maximum sample rate of 192kHz and a word length of 24 bits. According to the extensive documentation, this is achieved by "using extremely powerful and accurate digital interpolation filters, which yield an output signal having negligible levels of distortion."

Both units in excellent condition, with original full-function remote control

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DCS Delius/Purcell combo