G.I.P. Laboratory - Authorised Distributor
Flux Hifi worldwide unqiue products are manufactured in Germany. These accessories are truly made for the discerning vinyl fans.
The FLUX Sonic Needle Cleaner is designed to gently, safely and quickly remove stuck dirt from the turntable needle. A targeted vibration ensures residue-free cleaning. It is not necessary to remove the stylus.

The FLUX Turbo is a unique, completely newly developed device to quickly and easily free the record from dust and dirt. The Vinyl Turbo combines a carbon brush with an integrated, extremely powerful suction system.

The FLUX Brush is designed to free the record on the turntable from surface dust and static charging. A completely new design combines velvet pads with an integrated carbon brush. The special office ensures a flat cleaning of the plate surface, dust particles are completely removed.

The perfect LP inner FLUX Sleeves for your valuable record collection – the structure is multi-layered. In order to protect the LP from surface scratches, a damping position. The special coating has an antistatic effect. FLUX sleeves ensure the best handling of the LP and safe storage for decades!
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