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Blog: Appointment of Authorised Dealer for Tiglon
[4/4/23] We are pleased to announce that we are appointed as an Authorised Dealer for Tiglon of Japan. Tiglon is established in 2008 and has been manufacturing audio products like audio racks, cables and speaker stands.

At this point, we will start to carry their audio racks.
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McIntosh MC 240 McIntosh MC7108 8-channel Power Amplifier Flux Hifi Turbo Record Cleaner Scansonic MK-5 Stand-mounted Speakers Siltech Royal Triple Crown Power Cord 1.5m Ansuz D-TC Digitalz RCA 2m Bryston BCD-3 CD Player Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento Loudspeaker Thorens TD-550 with SME 309 Arm Micromega M-150 Integrated Amplifier  Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Speakers with Stands  WLM Diva Monitor  Balanced Audio Technology VK-P10 Phono Stage Luxman D-03X CD Player/DAC Goldmund Eidos 20 CD/SACD Player  Aurender N20 Music Server Tiglon Magnesia TMR-1 Amplifier Platform Tiglon Magnesia TMR-3 Hi-fi Rack Aurender A10 Network Music Server/Player  Aesthetix Rhea Tube Phono Stage  MIT Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev.2 10ft. Pair  B&W Nautilus 802  Accuphase E800  REL Carbon Special Subwoofer Magico Q3 Silbatone P-107 Hybrid Power Amplifier Kondo KSL-VcII RCA 1.5m Pair PMC MB2 XBD Raidho Acoustics C1.1 with Matching Stands  Melody MN 845 Monoblock Power Amplifier Bryston 28B-SST Monoblock Power Amplifier Silbatone RP-30W Monoblock SET Power Amplifier  Bryston 4B SST Power Amp  Bryston BIT RM 16 UK Tripoint Spartan Master Reference AC Conditioner Plixir Elite BAC 3000  Audio Solutions Figaro S  SME V Tonearm  Bryston 21B Cubed 3 Channel Power Amplifier  Bryston B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier  Dynaudio Focus 220 Mk II Ansuz Acoustics D-TC RCA Phono 1.25M  Simaudio Neo 350P Preamplifier  Marantz Reference NA-11S1 Streamer/DAC  Kondo Overture Integrated Amplifier  Sonus Faber Wall Domus Audio Research Reference CD9 SE Durand Telos 12 Inch Tonearm  PS Audio DirectStream DAC and Streamer Silbatone L-106 Preamp Tchernov High Current Power Cord Ansuz Sparkz Harmonizer Wireworld Stratus 5.2 Power Cord (various Lengths)  SOtM ISO-CAT6 Special Edition Module with 0.5m Black Ethernet Cable  Ansuz D-TC Signalz Analog RCA 2m  Samsung 27 Inch Curved Screen Computer Monitor C27F591  Transparent OPUS MM2 RCA 10/15ft Cables  Bryston BP-26 Stereo Preamplifier  Nordost ODIN 2 Tonearm Cable 1.25m Synergistic Research Tesla T3 Power Cord 5ft.  MORDAUNT SHORT PEFORMANCE 6 LE SPEAKERS REDGUM Black Series RGi120ENR  Axis Voicebox FLS  Antelope Isochrone 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock  Audio Note AN-S3 MC Step-up Transformer  Tron Seven Reference Phono Stage Gershman Acoustics Grand Studio Bryston Model T Signature Loudspeakers  Einstein The Little Big Phono Black Cat Lupo III/Silverwolf Power Cord 1.5m AFA Golden Fleece II XLR 1m Pair Bryston Middle T Loudspeaker AFA Golden Fleece II Power Cord 1.5m  Kii Control  Graditech Lumi 2 Speaker Cable 7m Pair  Wilson Benesch Fulcrum Center Channel  Sound Cookie Record Stabiliser  Lyra Kleos Mono Audio Analogue Donizetti Mono Amplifier (1 Pc)